I’ll be heading up north tomorrow, I’ll be back Sunday (at the latest). Fresh air, fishing and quiet solitude are calling my name. Everyone should embrace their roots and get their caveman on once in awhile. Being surrounded by concrete and noise pollution is a terrible way to live. The timing is perfect… the baseball trade deadline has passed and I don’t have any football drafts for at least 3-4 weeks. There will be no theme for this post, we’ll just hop right into some notes.

NL-Only leaguers didn’t get much to play with at the trade deadline. The biggest FAAB splash was Miguel Tejada? Seriously? We saved our money for an aging SS/3B that plays half his games at Petco? Once again, Miguel Tejada is the focus of disappointment.

I’m so bored with this mid-season public league that I am trading away closers to teams just so they can pass up this Philly fan that I hate. My lead over 2nd place has grown to 20 points and I’m looking to entertain myself. I don’t like Philly fans and this guy was talking trash at me during the draft. I will succeed in knocking him down the standings. Don’t ask me why I joined a public league. I’m trying to talk Yahoo! into creating a winners league for winners leagues and creating some sort of ladder system for us.

This month marks a year of blogging for MDS. That came rather quickly, I must say. Since I’ve started doing this, I’ve managed to find my way into two fantasy football magazines, guest star on numerous podcast shows, host a couple of leagues with industry experts and developed a small, cult following. Big ups to Starbonell, Keith, Blaze, NewBVick, Erik Archer and everyone else who comments here.

Are you ready for a frustrating season of football? The injuries are mounting up, which has me reluctant to check in on Twitter. Someone goes down in camp, one person tweets it, 300 retweet it, people start speculating and then everyone is working themselves into a frenzy. It’s a vicious cycle and I really don’t want to get caught up in it. Players are getting carried off the field on stretchers left and right and I heard Knowshon Moreno had a leg amputated.

How annoying are the Jamarcus Russell purple drank team names? Real clever people. You’re about as dumb as everyone who had Vick in a Box team name last year. If I hear another corny ass white guy on ESPN say “purple drank”, I’m going to…. well, I’m going to change the channel. I’m looking at you Trey Wingo and Stuart Scott.

Stop snake drafting people. It’s 2010.

I really enjoy the Love/Hate articles from Yahoo!… here is the Million Dollar version…


Loving me some….

LeSean McCoy (in PPR leagues) There has been remarkable improvement from last season and Brian Westbrook took his concussion riddled head out of town. This will be a high caliber offense and the short, accurate arm of an inexperienced Kevin Kolb should provide plenty of targets for McCoy. He caught 40 passes last season as a part-timer, what do you think will happen this year? I expect 1600 total yards, 8 TD and at least 60 receptions. He will be a first round pick (possibly top 6) in PPR leagues next season.

Kevin Kolb This guy really has no choice but to produce. The weapons he has at his disposal are great. We all know DeSean Jackson is a stud. Jeremy Maclin has the potential to be a Jackson clone. Brent Celek is good and McCoy can catch out of the backfield. Avant isn’t too shabby either. Kolb may lack experience, but the Eagles say he could have led the offense last season. When you have an accurate arm and guys like Jackson and Maclin making plays after the catch, good things will happen. Kolb is getting a lot of attention, but he deserves all of it. This is a pass first system and he is being put into a position to succeed.

Jermichael Finley Once he pushed Donald Lee to the side, Finley was a force to be reckoned with. Everyone knows about him and the TE position is deep, so it’s excusable to not land him in many leagues. However, I do expect Finley to top 1,000 yards and haul in 8 TD, providing more value than all the TE drafted before him. It’s not a stretch to imagine him being taken as the top TE in next year’s drafts. Anyone who doesn’t agree is a Jerm-a-phobe.

Mike Sims-Walker MSW seemed like a lock for 80 yards and TD every week until injuries slowed him down. Some people think the league caught up to him, but that’s not the case. However, you really cannot count on MSW to stay healthy. He’s been injured so often the Jaguars are limiting him in training camp to keep him fresh. The team is basically game planning around him getting hurt, so while I do love MSW, it’s the kind of love where you bang a chick for a few weeks and then dump her before something crazy happens. You don’t want to mess with MSW’s crazy ex-boyfriend who gets released from prison in a few months and you don’t want to get stuck raising his three devil children.

Dwayne Bowe Training with Larry Fitzgerald sure beats being a lazy bum in the off season. Just ask the Chief’s coaches who have been raving about him during camp. Last year was a massive disappointment for Bowe, which should help you get him on the cheap this season. Charlie Weiss is guiding the offense after the Chiefs basically fired their offensive coordinator right before the season began last year. I feel safe chalking up 1,000 yards and six scores for a more focused Bowe in an improved offense.

Zach Miller Another TE that I love, Miller should benefit from having a better QB and being targeted more often in the red zone. Everyone knows how bad Jamarcus Russell was, no need to pour gasoline on a raging inferno. Jason Campbell has enjoyed throwing to his TE in the past (Cooley, Davis) so he should have no problem finding a groove with his new teammate.

Mike Williams No, not the Lions’ bust draft pick from 2005. I’m talking about Tampa’s rookie WR from Syracuse. The Bucs viewed him as a first round talent, but character issues pushed him down into the fourth round. Antonio Bryant packed his bags for Cincy and Williams has impressed everyone to the point where he is penciled in as the starter at the “X” receiver slot. He is a big player who is fast and can make plays. He has outplayed Arrelious Benn so far and looks like a steal in the later rounds. I am thinking about nominating the Seahawk’s (former Lion) Mike Williams in Brad Evans’ 20 team league to see if someone bids him up thinking they’re going after the Buc’s Mike Williams. That would be classic.

going deeper….

Matt Moore If someone snaked Chad Henne from you or his price became a little too inflated during an auction draft, Matt Moore is your guy. They’re in similar situations, both lead a run first team and each have a top flight WR to work with. The Brandon Marshall trade was more exciting than Moore inheriting Steve Smith, so the attention they receive isn’t comparable. You’ll find Henne on every single sleeper list, which basically crushes his value. In the five games Moore played down the stretch (one game without Smith), he threw for 8 TD and 1 INT.

Darrius Heyward-Bey Yeah, yeah, yeah. DHB sucked last year. Guess what, it’s not 2009 anymore and you’re getting DHB with your last pick or $1 in an auction draft. Chaz Schilens’ foot is still sore after surgery and Louis Murphy was just drop kicked in the head and sustained a concussion. DHB is a physically gifted athlete and has been working his ass off leading up to and during camp. He is going one-on-one with one of the best cornerbacks in the league after every practice and has been a go-to-guy for Campbell thus far. At the very least, skip drafting a kicker and see how this plays out leading up to week one.

James Jones This is dependent on Donald Driver’s health. Driver had arthroscopic surgery on both of his knees this off season and let’s be frank, dude is 35 years old. There has been some talk of Jordy Nelson being the team’s third WR, but I’m not buying that nonsense. Jones is definitely someone to target in dynasty leagues.


Hater in the house…

Steven Jackson Baby got back surgery. A herniated disc bothered Jackson for much of last season. Instead of shutting it down early, he opted to skip practice and keep playing. Anyone with common sense would think this would make his condition worse. Jackson will be the focus of defenses and the Rams do not score often. He crossed the goal line four times last year and now the Rams will be led by a rookie who has little support. Good luck Jackson owners.

Felix Jones The curse of 10 carries haunts Felix the pussy… cat. Dude cannot handle a full workload, I don’t think he can handle half a workload. Just look at his game log for confirmation. He is fragile and he is not going to get much goal line work. I disrespected Felix before, no need to pile it on.

Ronnie Brown Do I need to explain? He’s already missed 20 games throughout his career and barely reached 1,000 yards one time. He had lisfranc surgery and I won’t be surprised when he re-injures the foot or his ACL explodes again. In fact, I’m stocking up on shares of Ricky Williams. It’ll be nice when Brown goes down and I have a $50 RB.

Reggie Bush Talk about overrated. Why would a guy who has never reached 600 yards rushing and hasn’t played a full season since 2006 be ranked 59th in the Yahoo! game? Even his reception total has fallen with every season since his rookie year. Mike Bell is playing in Philly now, but that doesn’t mean Bush will absorb any of his work. Lynell Hamilton will likely anger Bush/P.T. owners this season. USC hates him, Kanye West stole his girlfriend and MDS just dissed him, it’s over.

Jay Cutler I don’t care about Mike Martz. The guy is a glorified college coach. Cutler doesn’t fare well in the face of pressure and Mike Martz’ quarterbacks get sacked, a lot. Cutler is bound to throw 20-30 interceptions. A Mike Martz offense relies on timing and route running. Chicago wide receivers can’t run routes, they’re all about speed. Cutler’s favorite target from last season (Greg Olsen) will be asked to block instead of catch passes. I’ll bet on Mike Martz being fired before Cutler ranks as a top 10 QB in leagues that penalize interceptions. I pity leagues that use a 4-1 TD-INT point system.

Brandon Jacobs What do you call a 6’4 264 lb RB with an upright running style? Answer: an easy target.

Matt Ryan Why do people get excited about a QB who didn’t even reach 3,000 yards last year? He has thrown for 300 yards in a game only three times in his career. I don’t understand the fascination with this guy. Being a first overall draft pick is not a fantasy statistic.The bottom line is this: he is a good real life QB, but he is an average fantasy QB. Michael Turner is back and Matt Ryan’s TD total is in trouble.

Kellen Winslow / Owen Daniels What is the point of drafting an injury prone TE when the position is deep enough to wait for quality talent? Daniels is rehabbing from a second knee injury. If you’re in a shallow league (shame on you), sure go ahead and take the risk for his upside. The replacement value should be there in “those leagues”. After Josh Freeman took over in week nine, Kellen Winslow’s yardage was more consistent, but he only caught 1 TD. Maybe he was unlucky, maybe he wasn’t. I don’t know and I don’t care. I’m not drafting the guy. I’m not taking on the risk for minimal reward.

NYJ WR I don’t see the point in drafting any of the Jets WR. Mark Sanchez is a bad QB, the team runs first before running again, Dustin Keller will be targeted more often near the goal line and Santonio Holmes was brought in to take away targets from Braylon Edwards and Jerricho Cotchery.

Steve Breaston Don’t even get me started on Matt Leinart. He would have been No.1 on this hate list if someone actually liked him. Breaston’s ADP is kept afloat from his days of replacing Anquan Boldin in the starting lineup when Kurt Warner was still playing. Leinart is awful and when he loses his job, the Cards will bring in another awful QB. When Derek Anderson loses the job, they’ll bring in a rookie. I hate Matt Leinart and Steve Breaston.