PPR or Bust

Its no secret, MDS is no fan of public leagues. The set up, scoring systems and competition drive me insane; which isnt really that hard considering I’m already living in fantasy land. If there is one thing I like about my world of make believe, it’s the control I have as commissioner.

I’m not going to ramble on about Point Per Reception leagues. It’s a simple concept: public leagues overvalue RBs, making the first few rounds a position run. Most managers try not to get involved in position runs, so why would the first few rounds be exactly that? We should be drafting the best available players.

here are the differences between yahoo public leagues and MDS’ Pigskin Playmakers league
number of teams: 14
playoffs: 3 weeks (14, 15, 16)
positions added: flex spot WR/RB/TE
weekly waivers: sunday thru tuesday
trade review: commissioner
trade reject time: 0 days
trade end date: dec 4th
fractional pts: yes
scoring: passing TD = 6 pts, Int = -2 pts, rec = 0.75 pts

There are no veto’d trades in my leagues. Managers are invited to MDS leagues b/c they know what theyre doing, they dont need anyone telling them how to run their team. Trades are instantly pushed thru, its great. Instant gratification. I wouldnt recommend this for all leagues.

Adjustments: obviously WRs get a nice boost in value, possession WRs the most. Youll want to pay attention to the RBs who will be playing on 3rd downs: Kevin Faulk, Leon Washington, Jerious Norwood, etc. Beware of the early picks like Michael Turner and Brandon Jacobs who are not as fantasy friendly as they would be in public leagues.