Pre Ranks Cont.

I’m not gonna sit here and explain why I ranked everyone where I did. There are some finer points I’d like to make.
Quickly, just soak in how much a cheat sheet can change in the matter of a few days time. Keep on adjusting up to draft time.
This is a PPR league so possession WRs (welker n mason) and RBs who catch passes (mjd n s.jax) have additional value. RBs who do not catch passes (turner n jacobs) and WRs who get big yards off fewer receptions (berrian n hester) get the shaft. We also use a flex spot for WR/RB/TE so I’m looking to acquire elite talent at RB n WR before I take a QB.
This list is not in a Top 100 Players format. For the most part the list is segregated by tiers of players at the same position who have relative value. So this list does not say I would draft Housh before TO. I’d wait til someone took TO then I’d start targeting Housh. You cannot have a static list heading into a draft. All you need to do is tier players values, and go with the flow of the draft using common sense. Some ppl struggle with the common sense part or maybe its that MDS’ common sense equates to the avg joe’s moment of clarity. Hmmm, I like that, lets go with that.
The way this list is set up I’m almost guaranteeing myself I’ll never end up with a high tiered QB or TE. Whoever thinks Tom Brady is going to throw 50 TDs should be slapped. That injury last season was a blessing to anyone who waits for the later tiered QBs. The highly o-ranked QBs are ranked so b/c public leaguers only start 50 positional players compared to the 84 in my league. Ive been trying to catch the McNabb, Schaub n Palmer band wagons; failing to doing so with McNabb n Schaub and ending up with Palmer in 3 of 3 drafts. Risky Business indeed… but I’m a grab some nice shades, a cigarette and dance in my underwear for good luck. The TE position is so deep this year you can get away with being the last team to draft one. It’s nice to be able to wait 2 Rds after the 13th team takes a TE. Your bench will be ready to handle the onslaught of injuries coming your way.
Some players might have been left off the list, I copied my pre-ranks from eye onto a note pad file so the first list missed some players… Lee Evans… whoops. Also the last few players are just scrubs and they’re some unlisted guys I’d prolly take over them. Handcuffs for your valuable RB would get a slight boost. Good luck Westbroken owners, grab some ibuprofen for the Sunday afternoon Doubtful/Probable/Game Time Decisions. That McCoy handcuff is getting rather expensive. Other players I’m purposely avoiding in this format or all formats: Turner, Jacobs, Portis, Marshall, Roy Williams, Edwards, Addai, Parker, Lewis, Benson, Willis, Julius, Winslow, Crabtree and NE RBs not named Faulk