Roto Arcade Invitational

Finally, a blog league that had some real competition. I think Behrens took some of my words to heart and decided to step it up. He brought in three other fantasy gurus and allowed me to nominate ten managers from my private leagues to play with us. The rest were commenters of distinction. Of my six leagues, this was the one I wanted to win the most.

the industry gurus:
Andy Behrens: Roto Arcade
Paul Bourdett: the Pick-Up Artist (Roto Experts)
Scott Swanay: the Fantasy Baseball Sherpa
Chett G aka Doc: Razzball

MDS’ private leaguers:
MDS: Y!’s finest private leaguer, self-proclaimed expert
AMak-15: one of Roto Arcade’s best
Blaze: one of MDS’ favorite arch rivals
Mak: another of MDS’ arch rivals
Tweedly: one of my favorite private leaguers
Xobai: another fine Roto Arcade commenter/manager

This was a 16 team IDP league, my first ever IDP or Individual Defensive Player league. I didn’t want to walk into this draft without being familiar with IDP players and where they go in drafts, so I asked Antonio D for a little advice. I got a rough strategy for where I wanted to start picking my DL and LB and I used Antonio’s IDP ranks to select my picks. My only plans were to not be the first person to take a IDP, lock up quality DL and LB and wait on a DB. We played 2 DL, 2 LB and 1 DB each week.

This was a fun league, the best blog league I’ve played in. Behrens stuck me in a division with the PUA so we could squash some beef. Paul took it to me in week 1 as my team struggled to get out of the gate. It was actually the Toyota blowout of the week or whatever it’s called. Paul’s prize: I agreed to stop talking smack on Scott Engel. Not only did I lose to Paul, I lost to the Sherpa, Razzball, Mak, Tweedly and Xobai. Those were my 6 losses, quality opponents indeed. I took out Behrens during Rivarly week (yes!!!!), Amak and 5 of the unknown managers including a team named MDS Strange Love to earn my playoff seed.

Stat Adjustments: during the first week of the playoffs, I went to bed after MNF with a 4pt win. I beat Mak (take that bitch! lol) and was ready to rumble NYG in rd 2. Then the Tuesday morning stat adjustments came. AND I LOST. Yahoo and the NFL conspired to take out MDS. I emailed the yahoo help dept. and demanded the stat adjustments to be negated…. two days later it happened! It was a pleasant surprise to say the least.

and the rest is history. MDS won! I am the champion, my friends…. I went from IDP rookie to IDP wookie. Gimme the keys to the starship enterprise, man your battle stations, beam me up to the top of the standings Scotty! Not only did I win, but my private leaguers looked great, giving me and my boys a little street cred. Around the halfway point of the season, we made up 6 of the 8 playoff seeds. My claims of my private leagues being more competitive than the Friends & Family leagues don’t look so foolish anymore….

yes, it is possible to win a championship with David Garrard at QB

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