Skid Row, Miami

Brown; it’s Ronnie’s surname and the color of his underwear after seeing his upcoming schedule. Even though he just played the Jets and the Vikings, he’s still walking the dirty, needle infested section of his season slate . Ronnie has upcoming dates with the Patriots, Packers, Steelers, Bengals, Ravens, Titans, Bears, Browns and a second date with the Jets. That’s enough to leave skid marks in any one’s tighty whiteys.

We shouldn’t put too much emphasis on the early season team defense rankings (courtesy of FFToday), but I’m really only referring to Baltimore’s twelfth ranked defense . We all know they’re better than that. There is some silver lining here, Ronnie gets the Bills and Lions during the fantasy playoffs. That is, if he makes it that far into the season. Ronnie isn’t exactly the perfect picture of health, he has missed 20 games since 2005 due to various injuries.


The final blow. Ronnie is getting 12 carries a game. He has 37 carries through three games compared to Ricky Williams’ 35 carries. This is not good. I’ve seen people touting Ronnie Brown as a Buy Low target, but you won’t see me trying to lining up to acquire him. I want no part of that schedule, injury risk or workload frustration.