Snake Draft Strategy (Sort Of)

My reaction to being told I’ve just signed up for a snake draft.
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They’re about as cool as pajama jeans, as outdated as Jnco jeans, and as lame as Bugle Boy jeans. They are snake drafts, and they just won’t die.

The biggest reason everyone hasn’t converted yet to auctions, in my all-knowing and humble opinion, is fear. People are scared of the unknown and the comfort of snake drafts is too strong for some to make the switch. Since we did an auction strategy piece, we’re sort of required to present some sort of snake draft strategy post to help you. Well, let me “help” you understand why snake drafts are awful.

There’s one chief flaw with snake drafts: they’re too random. As if fantasy football wasn’t full of enough bullshit-ass strokes of luck (good and bad) in-season, you have snake drafts randomizing the shit out of things before the games even start. Even if you pre-set a draft order, one thing is for sure: draft position dictates who you end up with. If you take a fantasy owner and give him two drafts with the same group of people in two different draft positions, that owner will create two entirely different teams. Maybe a couple of sleepers will wind up being the same, but that’s about it. In auctions, everyone starts off on even ground and the situations you are in later in the auction are the direct result of the moves you make (not the order in which you select players).

Hopefully, you’ll take these pearls of wisdom and upgrade your league. If not… well, you suck.


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