FantasyFootballDraftBoard Readers League

Mike Vanderjagt in Round Six baby, that’s how you win leagues.
Photo Credit: Andrew Dupont

The SoR fantasy football blog league has been assembled. You can make history as champion of the very first league we’ve commissioned. This is a brand new league, a freshy. Starbs, Cheeks, Yoms, OCCH, Keith and the defending champion MDS are waiting for you to register for your weekly beating. That’s right, it’s year one and we do have a defending champ. That’s how good I am. If you don’t believe me you can come find out for yourself. Use the Contact link to tell us about your fantasy transcendence and you may receive a hand-delivered invitation (via email).

League details below:

14-team, Auction Draft set for
Tuesday, August 30th at 8:00 PM Central
QB, WR(3), RB(2), TE, FLEX, K, DL(2), LB(2), DB, BN(5)

Offensive Scoring Adjustments
Pass TD = 6 pts
Pass INT = -2 pts
Reception = .25 pts

IDP Scoring Adjustments
Fumble Rec = 3 pts
Pass Defended = 1.5 pts
Tackle for Loss = 2 pts