Starbonell Station

Watch out! MDS will be a guest on Chris Carbonell’s fantasy podcast: Starbonell Station. Starbonell and the American Dream will want discuss the latest fantasy baseball news while I try to squeeze out valuable inside info about Carbonell’s auction draft plans for the upcoming Blog Wars league. I can’t wait to nominate Johan Santana!

Will Joey Votto be too anxious to count on in 2010? Can Josh Hamilton handle a barking shoulder AND sobriety? Which Russell is better, Crowe or Branyan?!?! All these questions and more will be answered in this week’s episode of Starbonell Station. Guests Kiffy “The American Dream” Purvis and Million Dollar $leeper will swing through to drop some knowledge.

Cmon, we all know Russel Crowe is better. He isn’t c**k blocking LaPorta and Brantley. The podcast is LIVE this coming Monday at 7:00 pm Central.