Stream Pies: Week Seven

He’ll get treated like a Foster kid this week
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At “Stream Pies,” we are serving up gooey loads of knowledge. Here, we’ll provide invaluable streaming advice on kickers and DEF teams who are owned in less than 30-percent of Yahoo! leagues. We list the options in order of best option to “least-best” option (with the strongest recommendations starting at the top). Below our recommendations are last week’s and full season results. Points are based on default Yahoo! settings.

Your boy Daddy Starbucks is once again handling both kicker and team defense duties this week, so you know what that means… um, something really awesome! Yeah.

So get that gullet nice and wide because we’re flushing a whole mess of “Stream Pies” down it.

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Kicker Recommendations
Following in the pattern of choosing kickers laid out by Million Dollar Sleeper, we are looking for Ks on teams with high scoring potential who lack a running game (especially in short yardage). We also consider factors such as weather and, of course, the kicker’s skill.

Week Six Results (Points calculated with Yahoo! default settings)
Mike Nugent: 10 points
Olindo Mare: 6 points
Rian Lindell: 7 points
Billy Cundiff: 20 points
Connor Barth: 17 points
Average for top ranked K in Y! scoring: 10.8 points (Janikowski and Hanson)
Average for “Stream Pies:” 11.1

Week Seven Recommendations
It took us long enough, but our kickers are finally outplaying even the top ranked options in fantasy. So without further ado, here are the highly anticipated recommendations for this week:

1- Dan Carpenter vs. DEN
2- Nick Novak at NYJ
3- Josh Brown at DAL

Team Defense (DEF) Recommendations
Week Six Results (Points calculated with Yahoo! default settings)
Oakland Raiders: 17 points allowed, 2 sacks, fumble recovery, TD = 11 points
Buffalo Bills: 27 points allowed, blocked field goal = 2 points
Washington Redskins: 20 points allowed, 2 sacks, 2 interceptions = 7 points
Average for top ranked DEF in Y! scoring: 14.3 points (New York Jets)
Average for “Stream Pies:” 8.2 points

Week Seven Recommendations
I’ll admit, a few stinkers (two of them from the Bills) have brought our average score down, but I vow to close the gap starting this week. Keep in mind that we called a special teams TD for the Raiders last week, and Oakland delivered as our top recommendation. Now, onto this week’s top waiver wire defenses:

Tennessee Titans vs. HOU
Without Andre Johnson, the Texans are an easy pass defense to defend against. What about Arian Foster you ask? The Titans have allowed just one rushing TD and 3.8 yards-per-carry to opposing RBs. I don’t believe Tennessee will shut Arian the Barbarian out, but they should mitigate the damage enough to have a very good overall fantasy performance.

Denver Broncos at MIA
The Broncos defense has been a mess, but they have Champ Bailey back and with the way Dolphins QB Matt Moore kept feeding the ball to Brandon Marshall despite the fact that he was covered by Darrelle Revis, there should be opportunities for Bailey to make a play. Plus, it’s the fucking Dolphins.


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