Stream Pies: Week Two

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At “Stream Pies,” we are serving up gooey loads of knowledge. Here, we’ll provide invaluable streaming advice on kickers and DEF teams who are owned in less than 30-percent of Yahoo! leagues. We list the options in order of best option to “least-best” option (with the strongest recommendations starting at the top). Below our recommendations are last week’s and full season results. Points are based on default Yahoo! settings.

Welcome to the fantasy football debut of “Stream Pies.” Because this version of “Stream Pies” covers a whole lotta ground, we got two MCs spitting on it. From this point forward, your kicker recommendations will be handled by Andrew Holm while DEFs will be done by your boy Big Poppa Pockets. Every week the three of us will provide stream options and keep track of our success rate. Hmm, fantasy making themselves accountable for their advice. Funny notion, ain’t it?

The main reason this weekly post is being featured here on SoR is because we believe every American is entitled to the right to “stream.” You know that dumbass who takes a DEF in the 12th round of your league without fail? That’s the dude we don’t want reading this.

No, this article is for the lot of ya who have no desire to waste a high pick or serious auction dollars on a DEF or K. You can do just as well starting a bunch of options off the waiver wire, and we’re here to prove that.

We’re not asking that you believe everything we say. All we’re asking is that you give us full and unquestioned control of your Ks and DEFs. Just do that, and you won’t be a child molester. You’re not a child molester… are you?

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Kicker Recommendations (Provided by Andrew Holm, a.k.a. “Million Dollar $leeper”)
When choosing between leftover kickers I look for the following: team scoring potential, kicker skill and weather conditions. The ideal offense for our purposes would be a high octane pass offense that lacks a run game (especially close yardage). The Lions come to mind here. Oh what a perfect segue (damn I’m good). Detroit’s Jason Hanson tops our Week Two streaming options. We have four top ten options this week, and we’re off…

Jason Hanson (KC vs DET) The Chiefs were abused by Ryan Fitzpatrick and the Bills and it’s Matt Stafford’s turn this week. Look for Jahvid Best to average 1.3 yards per carry between the tackles, setting up a couple field goals for us. 18% owned, weekly rank: 2 (dome)

Matt Prater (CIN vs DEN) Prater has a strong, accurate leg. In Denver his leg is even stronger. The Bungals visit the Mile High atmosphere this week; the Broncos should be icing the cake with field goals by the third quarter. Prater is 5-for-8 from 50 yards out (24 games at Denver); let’s aim for one of those. 5% owned, weekly rank: 6

John Kasay (CHI vs NO) You know the drill. New Orleans is going to score a bunch of points. The Bears can stop the run so we’re hoping the Saints offense stalls in the redzone a couple times. 19% owned, weekly rank: 7 (dome)

Shaun Suisham (SEA vs PIT) Suisham was passed around between the Cowboys and Redskins like a peace pipe, but he’s found a home in Pittsburgh (FG: 14 for 15 in 2010). Heinz Field isn’t the most welcome place in terms of weather and Suisham managed only one point last week, but Pittsburgh plays host to the Seahawks on Sunday. Look for the Steelers to force nine or fifteen turnovers setting themselves up for easy points before coasting to victory. 10% owned, weekly rank: 9

Drop of the Week: Matt Bryant (PHI vs ATL) The Falcons could find themselves playing catch-up against the Eagles like they did against the Bears in the opener. Look for Philly’s trio of cornerbacks and blitzing linemen to stifle Matt Ryan. 92% owned, weekly rank: 18

Team Defenses or DEFs (Provided by Starbonell)
Buffalo Bills vs. OAK
The Bills underrated defense played very well against the Chiefs, particularly in the passing game. Yes, Darren McFadden is likely to have another great effort, but the fact that they were able to coax three turnovers in Week One and are facing a less than intimidating Jason Campbell in Week Two bodes well for them. Plus, with C.J. Spiller returning kicks, they are always in play to give you some points on special teams. If you are a gambler, put some money on Buffalo and get ready to start counting up ‘dem Bills.

Minnesota Vikings vs. TB
In the first half of their Week One loss to the Chargers, the Vikes actually looked pretty damn good. They got a ton of pressure up front and got Philip Rivers off his game. Of course, they imploded in the second half taking dumb penalties, missing tackles, and easing up on Rivers, who proceeded to tear them apart. Obviously, they need to find some consistency, but the fact that they did a great job against the run while making one of the elite QBs in football struggle for a half is encouraging. This week, they’ll take on a Buccaneers at home that struggled to establish the run and doesn’t have a QB nearly as talented as the one they just faced. Sounds good to me.


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