the Glorious Sausage Links

By great demand, the original fantasy news filter links are back! When I say great demand, I mean the fantasy manager formerly known as Erik Archer and Virgil. Those guys are great. The links are for relevant fantasy advice, you will not find out who Tony Romo is pretending to date or what Tom Brady is going to name his spawn of satan. So without further ado, I present to you… MDS’ Glorious Sausage Links! hmmm tasty

Y! has 5 sets of rankings if you need help choosing starters. updated ranks from Behrens
Thursday practice injury notes & random thoughts from John Hansen
Antonio D’Arcangelis with some IDP info for week two
BFun with a week two preview: NFL Skinny
Brad Evans’ week two Flames n Lames
Top Fantasy Football with Risers n Fallers
Target leaders after week one from Roto Arcade
some Matt Leinart crazy talk from Gehlken starring Pianow
if you want a recap from the week one games
Ray Flowers’ BABIP: Skills vs Luck article
my latest add, Gregerson gets some love from Fangraphs
like white castle, David Price’s sliders suck
Fanhouse has a fantasy football podcast
TJ Thomas says whats up with the LT hate? plus more: All-Out Blitz
sortable fantasy football points allowed team stats

football sleepers for week two:
Fantasy Cafe, Roto Professor, the Hazean, FF Toolbox

fantasy football waiver wire pick ups:
Brad Evans, Anontio D’Arcangelis, Pick-Up Artist, Fanhouse, Fantasy Cafe, Bruno Boys,
FF Toolbox,

fantasy baseball waiver wire pick ups:
Deep End, Pick-Up Artist, Fantasy Cafe, Roto World