The Million Dollar Challenge

It seems that everyday, I have someone call me “yella” and hock a loogey at my boots. Like the fastest gun in the West, everyone wants a piece of MDS. They don’t like my reputation, they don’t like my attitude and they don’t like my stunning good looks. I’ll snake a player from you and then turn around and snake your woman. They don’t call me the Million Dollar Sleeper for no reason. I am a living legend and I’m willing to prove it, against anyone and everyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re mean enough to hunt bears with a hickory switch. It doesn’t matter if your lip hangs down like a blacksmith’s apron. It doesn’t matter if you’re crazier than a run over coon. It doesn’t matter if all you have under your hat is hair. It doesn’t matter if your mustache smells like a mildewed saddle blanket after it had been rid on a soreback hoss three hundred miles in August. I’m taking on everyone and you could be next.

League Scoring and Settings:
Max Teams: 14-16
Draft Type: LIVE Auction Draft (randomly ordered)
Scoring Type: Rotisserie
Max Moves/Trades: no maximum
Max Innings Pitched: 1400
Positions: C, 1B, 2B, SS, 3B, OF(3), UT, P(9), BN(5), DL(2)
Stats: OBP, SLG, SB, Runs, RBI. Wins, QS, Hld, Sv, Ks, ERA, WHIP

2009 Champion: MDS
2010 Champion: NewBVick
2011 Champion: MDS unless you do something about it

What went down in 2010

Grady Sizemore, Trevor Hoffman and Chad Qualls cock blocked me from winning the league. I will never draft any of those losers again! Ever. Even though I held a double digit lead for some period of time (could have been weeks, could have been months for all I know) and scored more points than I did the previous year (when I won), NewBVick’s ragtag group of misfits somehow pulled it off. Konerko and the Hudsons (Tim and Daniel) had to be his MVPs MLPs (Most Lucky Players). Congrats to NewBVick, enjoy your 15 minutes.

If you want a piece of MDS (and NewBVick) in 2011, you have to challenge me to a duel in the comment section. Anyone who uses Wild West slang or insults will be moved to the front of the line.