the Trade Artist

I’ve made a lot of trades in the fantasy world and I’ve played in my fair share of leagues vs industry gurus, but recently I accepted an offer and completed a trade with an expert for the first time. Usually I don’t send these guys offers in blog leagues, I tend to pick on the smaller fish, but I awoke to find a gem of an offer awaiting my approval. Last week, the one and only, Roto Experts’ Pick-Up Artist Paul Bourdett offered me Donald Brown, Mike Bell and Jermichael Finley for Felix Jones and Visanthe Shiancoe in the Roto Arcade Invitational. At first, I thought it was too good to be true so I checked out some news sources to make sure these three didn’t have some recent injury problems. A day after I accepted it, I came across news of Donald Brown having back problems. Those are usually troublesome so that had me worried Paul pulled a heist on me. After Donald returned to practice those thoughts faded and I think I improved my team. I am a big believer in Jermichael and think Bell and Brown have some nice upside down the stretch as the Colts n Saints may look to rest Addai n Pierre.

MDS’ pre-trade situation

Felix Jones was my RB2 behind Chris Johnson and wasn’t doing me any favors. Trading Felix away was a pleasure and I wish I could do it again. He’s played 13 or so career games and only once has he (barely) reached double digit carries. The upside is there, but I have serious doubts in Dallas’ play calling and Felix’s ability to handle a workload. Plus, I chose Felix over Thomas Jones in the draft (what was I thinking!?!) so just looking at him created bad vibes between us. Shiancoe was pretty much good for 1 catch, 2 yards and a TD every week. Austin Collie filled my FLEX spot in Weeks 9 & 10 after the Leon Washington injury.

The PUA’s pre-trade situation

He just lost Todd Heap and was looking for some stability at the TE position. At the time, it wasn’t 100% certain Finley would be able to play that week. Paul was using Sidney Rice in his FLEX spot and choosing between Donald Brown and Mike Bell as his RB2.

Comments after the trade

“i think i would have given you chester taylor too in that deal if you asked… thats how much i hate felix jones and the cowboys”

“I hated parting with Donald Brown because I think he can be special down the stretch if he gets healthy and they rest Addai. But I also think Felix has the higher upside. This was the first time Wade Phillips has publicly acknowledged that Felix needs to be more involved, so we’ll see. More importantly, with Todd Heap hurt, I desperately needed a TE. People in our league hoard tight ends like it’s nobody’s business”

Post Trade Results

Donald Brown: Week 11 2.00 Pts, Week 12 3.80 Pts

Mike Bell: Week 11 20.00 Pts, Week 12 5.00 Pts

Jermichael Finley: Week 11 5.40 Pts, Week 12 2.50 Pts

Felix Jones: Week 11 5.60 Pts, Week 12 12.90 Pts

Visanthe Shiancoe: Week 11 13.80 Pts, Week 12 11.10 Pts

Worth Noting

MDS and The PUA are battling for our division’s top spot. Also, I had dropped Jermichael Finley a few weeks back after his knee sprain, so this was the first time I had traded for a player I recently dropped, nice sell Paul. I generally laugh at those type of offers, especially 3 for 2 deals.

what The PUA wants you to know:

“Even I can’t argue against MDS getting the better end of this deal. But that’s the least of my concerns when making a trade. As long as I feel that I bettered my team at the time the trade was made, I’ve done my job as an owner. Look, when I made the deal, Finley’s status was undetermined, Mike Bell had become a dud (there was no news on Reggie Bush’ knee at the time), and Donald Brown was still hurting/Addai still surging. Obviously, things have changed in the two weeks since, but Felix Jones and Shiancoe have performed admirably for me. From my perspective, that’s all that matters. If any of the players involved are the reason why I either don’t make the playoffs or lose before the championship round, then perhaps I’ll admit that I gave up too much. But again, all that matters to me is how my team performs. I could really care less if the trade makes MDS’ team better (which is something I think too many owners care about when making trades).”