this is for Steve Smith

It’s Rivarly Week in the Roto Arcade Invitational, which means it’s time for MDS and Andy Behrens to face off inside the fantasy squared circle, no holds barred. Not only am I representing all of Yahoo’s elite private leaguers going up against an industry giant, but I am also defending the honor of (the real) Steve Smith. Going on for weeks now, Behrens has been committing fantasy crimes by referring to my boy as Steve Smith (Car). This will not be tolerated…. If Behrens loses, he can no longer belittle my WR. His Steve Smith will go back to being Steve Smith (NYG). The Mario Manningham hype has died down and after what I do to Behrens this week, so will the excitement for his team mate. I’ve grown tired reading about how Steve Smith, Nate Burleson and Sidney Rice are now top tier WR options. No. They are not.

Ok, so Behrens technically hasn’t agreed to my stipulation, but the people have spoken. MDS campaigned his case to the league and the voting is clear: 6 to 3. I even was thinking about calling in on the Fantasy Freakshow, conning my way on air and trapping Behrens into the bet, but I got bleazy’d and before I knew it, the show was over. It’s Friday nite, what’d ya expect? I am dedicating this week to the fallen Leon Washington, Mathilda, the real Steve Smith and everyone across the world who drafted this disappointing bum.

note: Behrens used his waiver on my face to pick up Tony Scheffler (I settled for Donald Lee) while both of our TEs have byes. He will have to find a DL before high noon Sunday. Our projected points should be close, with me having a slight edge. Both of our teams are 4-4 and have put up similar point totals for the year. The matchup should be very close. Im sure the Secret Treasure Meat Loaf will do anything for a win, but he wont do that. LEON thePROFESSIONAL will eliminate his target.

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Update: MDS wins!!! 113.36 to 98.06