Tim Hightower $30


I could spend this time writing about the travesty that is Bernard Berrian, crack a Brett Favre training camp joke or talk shit about anyone dogging on the Vikes after holding the defending champs and one of the best offenses in the league to 14 points, but I will instead choose to post another team and explain the fund busting purchase of Tim Hightower in my latest and last auction league. Make the jump to see the team, my final set of rankings and slap the cuffs on me in the comment section for spending so much on a guy named Hightower.

These are the rankings I used for this draft (20 teams w/ a flex spot added)






and my team (that debuted as No.1 team in Virgil’s Power Rankings)


Basically, I was backed into a corner when it came to filling my FLEX spot with a RB. I passed on a bidding war for Arian Foster (Brad Evans won the rights to Foster for $35) and ended up stepping aside as my fall back options, LeSean McCoy went for $46 and Matt Forte sold for $41. Tim Hightower was my last go-to-guy and as we started getting deeper into the draft (dipping into my sleeper WR), I could tell people were sitting back and saving money. I knew I was going to get into a bidding war for Hightower, but I was hoping to land him for $20 (he usually went for $12 in my previous leagues). I ended up having to spend $30 of my $32 remaining max bid. Was I happy to blow the money? Of course not. Was I happy to have Hightower at my FLEX? Hell yeah! Beanie is a chump; a chump with a bum knee. In a PPR league like this, I’d pretty much rather have Hightower than Beanie straight up (Wells went for $38 in this draft). My prize: a great PPR FLEX option. My loss: I had to sit back and watch all my favorite WR sleepers get snatched up by everyone else.

This is a risk vs reward team here. I have very little experience coming from Kolb, Mathews, Greene, MSW, Maclin, Aromashodu…. well, basically my whole team. However, I have one of two teams that are solid from top to bottom with bench depth to spare. The draft was crazy; CJ went for $107, AP went for $81, Rice went for $86, MJD went for $85, Greg Jennings was more expensive than Randy Moss and Jermichael Finley was the most expensive TE. Even kickers were going for outrageous prices.

Whatcha think? $30 for Hightower as a FLEX and 3rd RB or should I have spread that out over 3 mediocre/sleeper WR and played matchups and/or waited for a breakout player? I like the Hightower grab, as I’m higher on him than most.