Tossed Kolb Salad

It’s a sad day here in MDSville. I have released Kevin Kolb into the wild. I tossed Salad Boy from two of my leagues, the only two in which I drafted him. What’s even sadder is who I picked up. In an eighteen-team league, I needed a kicker (I didn’t want to drop Sidney Rice, Devin Hester, Kareem Huggins), so I grabbed Adam Vinateri. In a twenty-team league, I needed to fill a Flex spot (thanks Ryan Mathews), so I grabbed… ugghhh… I don’t want to say it… Mardy McFly Gilyard. With Laurent Robinson listed as Doubtful, I am hoping Mardy can super punch the Skins secondary like his dad did to Biff Tannen at the Enchantment Under the Sea Dance. My love is on the line Mardy, you can do it!

I have fielded a few “Can I drop Kolb” questions so this pretty much sums up my answer. If you do not have the bench space and you don’t want to drop quality players or lottery tickets like Sidney Rice, Anthony Dixon or Kareem Huggins, do what you have to do. I tried to stick Kolb in some two-for-one trade offers, but no one bit. I do think Kolb will be traded at some point, Cleveland is my assumption. I’m guessing he’ll have some value later in the season, but it won’t be the kind of value that an Anthony Dixon can provide if Frank Gore were to miss games with an injury. Kolb’s value was tied to the pass heavy scheme in Philly and that tie has come undone.

Kevin I hardly knew ye