Week 11 Rankings


I have to hide this bigboard when people come over.

Yes, that is a real life, fantasy football bigboard. And yes, I stash that sucker behind the couch before anyone gives it the stink eye. Sometimes the staples stick to the fabric of the couch and I have to do bigboard damage control. It’s a small price to pay in order to not explain the nature and purpose of “that thing”. I’ve been rearranging Velcro strips for the past eight weeks, but this is the first set of rankings that are made available to the public. My secret bigboard is no longer a secret. Enjoy.

Real men don’t wait until Tuesday to set their rosters. We make important decisions with minimal information and ignore the consequences. This will be the only set of rankings you’ll need all week. I went ahead and filed injury reports for all 28 teams (bye week: New Orleans, Indianapolis, Pittsburgh, Houston). The following players will not suit up this coming week: RB: D.McFadden, A.Bradshaw, P.Hillis, F.Jones, J.Addai, K.Moreno, M.Hardesty, L.Tomlinson, WR: M.Austin, J.Maclin, Julio Jones, S.Moss, M.Floyd, L.Hankerson, M.Massaquoi, D.Alexander, D.Baldwin, L.Evans, TE: C.Cooley, K: R.Lindell.

Posted Monday, November 14th 1:25 PM Central time

QB(28) TE (21) K (20) DEF (20) RB (52) WR (66)
A.Rodgers Gronkowski Hanson 49ers A.Peterson D.Bowe
M.Stafford A.Gates Crosby Jets L.McCoy B.Marshall
T.Brady J.Witten Akers Ravens F.Gore Fitzgerald
P.Rivers J.Finley Gostkowski Packers Jones-Drew C.Johnson
T.Romo Hernandez Gould Lions R.Rice R.White
M.Sanchez T.Gonzalez Bailey Bills F.Jackson S.Johnson
E.Manning F.Davis Janikowski Giants B.Jacobs G.Jennings
M.Ryan G.Olsen Folk Cowboys M.Lynch W.Welker
C.Newton B.Pettigrew Cundiff Browns M.Bush V.Jackson
C.Palmer K.Winslow Novak Bears D.Murray M.Williams
Fitzpatrick D.Keller Longwell Raiders M.Forte D.Bryant
M.Cassel V.Davis Bryant Rams Green-Ellis H.Nicks
M.Vick B.Celek Rayner Vikings S.Greene B.Lloyd
J.Freeman J.Ballard Henery Eagles M.Turner S.Smith
Hasselbeck E.Dickson Tynes Bengals C.Johnson A.Boldin
J.Cutler B.Watson Carpenter Redskins S.Jackson P.Burress
K.Kolb V.Shiancoe Bironis Chargers J.Starks S.Holmes
S.Bradford S.Chandler Barth Patriots M.Morris S.Rice
A.Smith M.Lewis Mare Cardinals L.Blount Washington
C.Ponder J.Cook Nugent Titans R.Bush D.Moore
J.Flacco J.Gresham R.Mathews P.Harvin
M.Moore M.Tolbert J.Nelson
Tarvaris W.McGahee M.Crabtree
T.Tebow J.Stewart A.Green
Grossman C.Benson E.Bennett
A.Dalton B.Wells V.Cruz
C.McCoy D.Thomas V.Brown
B.Gabbert Ogbonnaya D.Jackson
L.Ball * Manningham
R.Torain E.Decker
J.Battle S.Breaston
R.Grant D.Williams
D.McCluster D.Nelson
R.Helu H.Douglas
M.Barber III D.Branch
K.Lumpkin T.Smith
D.Woodhead J.Gaffney
K.Hunter E.Doucet
J.Rodgers L.Robinson
D.Williams B.Edwards
C.Spiller J.Ford
J.McKnight D.Bess
P.Tanner James Jones
Taiwan Jones R.Williams
J.Ringer J.Simpson
J.Snelling G.Little
B.Scott M.Jenkins
S.Ridley P.Parker
L.Washington A.Roberts
D.Karim J.Knox
J.Forsett A.Benn
Tom Jones N.Burleson
S.Smith PHI

* Lance Ball would be ranked 28th if Willis McGahee were to miss Thursday’s game

These rankings will not be updated (because they’re perfect). You know where the comments go. Free high fives to anyone who posts a Kregg Lumpkin fearless forecast that calls for 60 plus total yards. High fives can be redeemed at @andrewakamds, limit one per commenter.