Welcome Back Raymo!


Happy happy, joy joy! Randy’s back and Green Bay is in trouble, hey now, hey now, Randy’s back! Randy Moss has been traded to the Minnesota Vikings and everyone is singing and dancing in the land of 10,000 lakes, except traffic officers who don’t get out of the way of blunt smoking superstars. Let’s look around the league and see who is happy and who is frowning with the departure/arrival of one Randall Gene Moss.

Happy happy, joy joy!

Brett Favre needed a down field threat and he just got one of the, if not the, best in the game. Minnesota desperately needed a play making WR and that’s what they got. A Third Round pick is no big deal when Brad Childress is making your draft choices.

Percy Harvin should now have plenty of space to operate with Raymo stretching defenses, Adrian Peterson demanding attention and Visanthe Shiancoe looming in the back of defender minds.

Visanthe Shiancoe is going to be a red zone target no matter what, Brett Favre loves his Tight Ends. Like Harvin, Shiancoe should be able to roam freely throughout the middle of the field while attention is paid up front to Adrian and down field to Randy Moss.

Adrian Peterson was already producing behind an overrated o-line with no one keeping defenses honest. Even though Moss isn’t a great run blocker, or even a good one… or average, he will still garner the attention of opposing Safeties.

Brandon Tate is a play-maker who was a great target for dynasty leagues. That timeline was thrown out the window with the Moss trade. He’s a great target right now. He’s a play-maker, I was hearing great things about him all preseason and he’s shown that ability with two Touchdowns to go along with his 33.4 yard average on Kickoff Returns. Tate had 11 catches off 14 targets through the first four weeks, expect those numbers to go up. I tried snagging Tate for $14 worth of FAAB in my leagues last night. I got him in most of those, except a league where someone paid $46.

Aaron Hernandez is another young play-maker for the Patriots. The 4th Round draft pick seems to haul in a 40 yard pass every week and looks like a Wide Receiver when the ball is in his hands. Some people believe he is already one of the best after-the-catch play-makers among all Tight Ends. He is the 12th ranked TE with 240 receiving yards (plus 13 rushing yards) and figures to be more involved in the pass game with the departure of Raymo.


Sad Clown Faces

Tom Brady just lost his best Wide Receiver. Tom shouldn’t frown too much though, he still has plenty of options and gets to throw dick at Gisele Bundchen.

Wes Welker will now have the full-on attention of opposing Corner Backs, no longer will he be able to match-up against the lesser of the two. Granted, it isn’t difficult to catch a 5 yard pass from Tom Brady so he shouldn’t be affected to the extent of worry. Welker has always been overrated and I’m hoping he gets shut down. I don’t like him.

Bernard Berrian was already bad so this actually might be a good thing for him. No one will be paying attention to how bad Berrian is when people can’t take their eyes off the 60 yard Touchdowns Moss will be scoring four times a game.

Packer Nation will have to worry about the moon and this W that we put on Lambeau Field!