Why Sportsvault Is Where Your Fantasy Football League Money Should Go

These guys got the right idea— Photo Credit: US Air Force

Just call me Shill-bonell. That’s because your boy is taking time from giving you pearl necklaces of fantasy wisdom to inform you of Sportsvault and all its greatness. Sportsvault.net is the only site you should consider for collecting, holding, and distributing your fantasy football league money. Why?


Leaguesafe is the most popular site for fantasy football finance management, but you pay a service charge to use it. There are no fees to use Sportsvault, and they offer a few features worth mentioning:

1) Everyone has late stragglers in their league who take their time getting the commish their money (I hate you so much), and Sportsvault.net allows owners the ability to pay whenever they can (and Sportsvault will e-mail reminders to those who have yet to pay…. dirtbags).

2) Signing up is easy. The commissioner signs up the league and is e-mailed a link. That link is provided to the players in your league. They sign up for an account (again, free) and pay the entry fee.

3) You have options how you want the winnings distributed (ECheck/ACH, Dwolla, a paper check, or the Sportsvault account you used to pay the entry fee).

So yeah, use Sportsvault.net. It’s tits if you hate having to chase suckas down for money.

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