Wilt Chamberlain

For your viewing pleasure:

Brad Evans taking a Million Dollar Beatdown. Hopefully all the Noise-a-maniacs dont stop praying and eating their flames/lames vitamins.

The Noise is likely to wake up with a few $100 bills in his mouth, courtesy of Virgil. The matchup probably is over, unless Todd Heap can channel the lusty spirit of Wilt Chamberlain. Will he be able to post 100 points? Of course, Hauschka will have to get shut out too. Let’s see what Brad needs to pull out the victory…

Todd Heap catches 34 passes for 312 yards and 9 TDs, Baltimore goes for the 2pt conversion on Heap’s 9 TDs

not likely going to happen, BUT Brad does need to save some face here. It comes down to Hauschka vs Heap. Will Brad fall to MDS by the tune of 100 points? 100 points!!! Shouldn’t have been talking about Virgil like that…

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