with the first pick….

Fantasy Football 2011: with the first pick MDS selects….

Shane Falco: Quarterback for the Washington Sentinels

Now some ppl may laff at this selection and say, “MDS, he is a scab. That guy aint no Eddie Martel. I lost a ton of money on him on that Sugar Bowl disaster of his.” They may even say he gets a little distracted by the cheerleaders and gets scared when the game in is his hands, but lemme tell you something… Shane Falco has the tools to lead the league in scoring (and clean the plankton off your boat). He has the weapons too: convenience store guard Clifford Franklin, gangster rapper brothers Andre and Jamal Jackson, former sumo wrestler Jumbo Fumkio, a Welsh “futball” player called “The Leg”, a deaf player, a convict on a work-release program and a tough SWAT leader. Who else could chuck a football underwater like him?