Starting Pitcher Rankings (21-40)

If you were wondering what Yu Darvish’s ceiling looks like, this is it. Photo Credit: This place. We’re getting close (sniff sniff). I can smell Clayton Kershaw’s beard from here. We’re one installment away. Today we’re talking Starting Pitchers 21 through 40. You can view 41-60 here and 61-80+ here. After the jump, SP rankings […]

Starting Pitcher Rankings (41-60) w4LjcCwVroA[/youtube] Continuing with the countdown to Kershaw. Starting Pitchers 61 through 80+ can be found here. Starting Pitchers 41 through 60 can be found after the jump. And go. Note: the following rankings are for standard, roto, Y! leagues (cap on Innings Pitched). The rankings were based on my projections, concern for injury or […]


Starting Pitcher Rankings (61-80)

“Don’t call me Edison. I may have invented the Wild Pitch, but my name still has two N’s in it.” Photo Credit: Wknight94 It’s that time of year. Fantasy Baseball is open for registration. Normally I’d have eight leagues set up by now, but fantasy baseball and I will be taking a breather; we’re getting […]

Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out. 1SRi06W859o[/youtube] If you follow Liriano, you should be prepared to lose your mind. It wasn’t long ago when groups of people flocked to the performances of Francisco. In 2006 Francisco Liriano was an artist; his arm a brush, the strike zone his canvas. Liriano was so spectacular a grass roots counterculture developed in the […]


Fantasy Basketball Top 100 Players

Photo Credit: David Jones The Top 100 fantasy basketball players have been updated by Keith Petrower. There’s been plenty of changes since the preseason player rankings were posted. Bare witness to the rebirth of cool; Slick Rick E. Rubio has a story to tell. Check out how high Keith has Ricky ranked; and all the […]

For Those About to Draft, We Salute Yu rLGB69siot8[/youtube] This guy is filthy, but he’s no Dice man. It’s feel a little strange to salute a man of half-Iran, half-Japanese descent. Aside from the momentary feeling of tribalism and the nuisance of not being about to draft John Rocker, all systems are go for the latest import from the Far East. The […]


Verlander Can’t Turn Left

That’s no Blue Steel. Photo Credit: Keith Allison, Flickr Courtesy of… 1 Matt Kemp 2 Albert Pujols 3 Miguel Cabrera 4 Jose Bautista 5 Troy Tulowitzki 6 Justin Verlander Possible names for team six: Just-in Scrupulous, Just-in Sane, Just-in Visable. Maybe later in the season the team can change names to Just-in Jured. After […]


MiLB Prospect Rankings: Outfield

“Bryce Harper, Bryce Harper, Bryce Harper playing the harp. Harpo Marx playing the Jews harp.*BH*, BH! You’re my DBesignated Hitter!”  Photo Credit: Bryan Horowitz, Flickr 575N27FJVTVT   OUTFIELD PROSPECT RANKINGS 2011 graduates included Mike Trout, Desmond Jennings, Trayvon Robinson, Domonic Brown, Yonder Alonso, Ben Revere, Fernando Martinez, Lucas Duda, Eric Thames, J.D. Martinez, Ryan Kalish, […]


Fantasy Basketball Top 100 Players

Photo Credit: Freddy the Boy Keith is back with his controversial fantasy basketball rankings. He was right all along in regards to his ranking of Russell Westbrook and Blake Griffin last season, but now he is defaming my boy John Wall. I’m calling it, John Wall will be this year’s Derrick Rose. The following Top […] 64-Blog Tourney: RD 2

Thank you. Thank you very much. As the self-proclaimed kings of the internetz it was no suprise to see the Sons of Roto emerge victorious from their Round One death match with Bay Area Sports Talk. Their audience was too busy shopping for spiked shoulder pads and stabbing each other to vote for their favorite […]


Fantasy Football Week 16 Rankings

This is the endBeautiful friendThis is the endMy only friend, the end First off I’d like to congratulate all the Sons of Roto who have waged conquest on their leagues and marched to the championship round. My friends, this is the end. The beautiful end. We need no elaborate plans. No safety or suprise. We’ll […]’s 64-Blog Tournament is hosting a 64-blog tournament and the Sons of Roto are the heavy favorites to win it all (despite our 36th seeding). Even though we are the odds-on-favorite, we still need everyone to lend their support and vote for us. If we win the tournament I will give away a baseball bat that was […]

Fantasy Football Week 15 Rankings

And the lord said let there be light. Seriously, that reflection, or halo, was not intentionally placed. Tim Tebow shines even when the darkest of shadows looms overhead. On the flip side, it must suck to be in the Jason Witten market. Laurent Robinson is using a pitch fork to poke the poor souls who […]


You Lost, But It’s Not Your Fault.

Just like it’s counterpart, the NFL, injuries lead to a high turnover rate in the world of fantasy football. The champions of 2009 are the decapitated, ankles-glued-back-together bodies of today. Remember, it’s not your fault. So your team went 5-8. You lost. The fat lady has sung. It’s all over… well, kind of. One very […]


NFL Weather Report: Week 13

Watching rain hit the Browns football team is a form of waterboarding Photo Credit: d.fauchner Your boy Cheeks, the world renowned weatherologist, is back once again. I had to cut the weather reports short. I needed time to nurse my frightened weiner back to life after my extensive coverage of Chyna’s porn career. For all […]