Homeless Heroes: Yo DJ Pump This Party

Race to the waiver wire to grab LeMahieu
Photo Credit: Keith Allison

While you sit pretty in your fancy condo eating crackers and Cheez Whiz, carrying on like some fat cat with your television and VHS player, DJ LeMahieu is homeless.

Fine, he’s not actually homeless. I suppose six-percent ownership in Yahoo! leagues is something. But between that and his $491,000 salary (a pittance, really), dude could really catch a break. That’s where you come in fantasy owners. Give this guy a place to stay. Give him a spot on your fantasy roster.

Don’t get it twisted. He won’t just kick his feet up on your couch and watch “Big Bang Theory” re-runs. He’ll actually help out around the place. After all, he’s got himself eight runs, six RBIs, and a steal despite hitting eighth in Colorado’s lineup. Did I mention his .364 batting average? Yeah, I did.

His minor-league profile and skill-set profiles him as a leadoff-hitter type who can swipe 15-20 bags and hit for a good average. In fact, Rockies manager Walt Weiss said in February that LeMahieu is a candidate to hit leadoff. Granted he hasn’t done it yet, but the fact that his manager even considers him for that role is promising. If LeMahieu can keep up his strong play, he could force his way into hitting near the top of the lineup.

Yet for all the positives I just mentioned, the most attractive attribute LeMahieu possesses is the fact that he is eligible at second, which is a position that, for most owners, has a hole that gapes wider than Jenna Jameson. If you play in a league that uses MIs especially, LeMahieu is worth a pickup.


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